L (Lug)

L (Lug)

S (Smooth)

press on band tires

Approx. Rs 8,109.6 / Piece


  • Low rolling resistance design for higher energy efficiency.
  • Superiors bonding technology for trouble free running.
  • Wear resistance tread compound for extended life.
  • Wider tread profile for reduce work load.
  • Grater surface contact offering better load distribution, excellent stability, high chipping resistance.
  • Tread in smooth and lug patterns.
  • Available in Non-Marker and Polyurethane versions.
  • Customized compounds available on request.


  • Reduced and Smooth wear
  • Durable and long running life
  • Consistent high performance for medium loads
  • Great Mileage Performance
  • Excellent Structural Durability gives better load carrying capacity
  • Better retrads